Announcing Sage42’s Android View Utils

We are happy to announce the initial launch of our Android View Utils.
This library is intended to be a collection of UI elements and supporting code that ease Android UI implementation.
This is only the initial launch of the library project and we expect this will grow in the future.

This library currently includes:

  • Circular Progress Bar (Preview) – Just like a normal progress bar only in circle form. This is ideal for count down timers
  • Custom Font Enabled View Elements (Preview) – The custom font loader is complete and there is small amount of supported view elements.  (Others made as we need them or by request)
  • Scrolling (Marquee) TextView (Preview) – A custom font enabled TextView that is preconfigured to scroll or marquee the content when the size of the content exceeds the space available.

circ_progress_bar custom_fonts marquee_textview

This library is released under Apache License, Version 2.0 license, so you are quite free to use/abuse it.

We have also prepared a sample application showing some of the capabilities and its available for download HERE

Please download the sample app and fork/star our repo now!

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