Come see us at GDG DevFest / Kuala Lumpur

As some of you know I will be speaking at GDG DevFest (KL) tomorrow.

I have to admit that I am both looking forward to it and quite a lot nervous.   It has been a very long time since I done any public speaking and perhaps longer still since I have been on a stage.


For those of you that can’t make it tomorrow or happen to find this post after then fact, here is a link to the slides I am planning to use along with my script (aka notes)

If you are not the reading type or just like it rough, I have uploaded one of my practice sessions to YouTube here.  It wasn’t meant to be released, it was so that I could get feedback and refine my material (which I have done), but it should suffice until the official video is out.  I will update this post with a link when I have one.
I hope to see you there!!

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2 thoughts on “Come see us at GDG DevFest / Kuala Lumpur

    • I am sorry that you had trouble following along with my presentation. May I ask was this at DevFest or from the slides or from the YouTube in this post?

      Either way, if you have any specific you wish to ask please feel free to post it here or email it over.