My code philosophy

Recently, a friend joined me on one of my projects. As it was the first time we were actually coding on the same project I wanted to tell him my coding philosophy to make sure that he felt empowered, engaged and connected to the code.

Then I realised that despite the fact that a lot of programmers take the concept very seriously, very few actually put it down “on paper”; so I thought I would.

My Tenets of Coding and Code Ownership:

  1. Everyone owns all of it (even the bad parts)
  2. If you see something that is wrong, fix it
  3. If you see something that can be done better, change it
  4. If something takes more than a moment to understand, consider writing a comment for the next guy (even if that is you 2 months from now)
  5. Testing is a tool; use it as such.
  6. Enjoy naming things; variables, methods, objects, etc.  They will love back if you love them enough to give them a good name.
  7. Programming is an art form; structures, processes, format, patterns, they are all parts of it.  But creativity and problem solving is too.
  8. Fear is your worst enemy.  Don’t be afraid to: make mistakes, change your mind, challenge, question or lead.
  9. Everyone owns all the code; It’s yours, own it, mould it, love it.
  10. Don’t be afraid to love it

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