Enums in Golang (Quick Tip)

For those of you like me who Go is not the first language you learned, you might be familiar with “Enums” or “Enumerated Types”. While Go does not have an enum per-say you can achieve the same effect with very little effort. The manual has a very good example if perhaps a little complicated, so[…]

Where did Corey Go?

After way too long, I finally had the itch to blog again.  Firstly, sorry about the hiatus. As those of you that follow me on Linkedin know, in February I joined my very good friend Aaron at MyTeksi as a Platform Architect. From day one, it has been a wild ride.  I am not sure how[…]

DPI Calculator Update (Chrome Extension)

Today we have released a minor update to our DPI Calculator for Chrome. The calculator will now save the pixel/dpi conversions between uses, so that you will never again have to waste time re-entering values. Thanks to all our users and especially to those that sent us feedback to help make us tool better for[…]

Announcing Sage 42’s new DPI Calculator for Chrome

Inspired by +May Tan‘s update to the DPI calculator for web yesterday (link), the team @ Sage 42 is happy to announce our first Chrome Extension; the DPI Calculator for Chrome The DPI Calculator for Chrome allows users to easily convert a DPI value from one density to another from a convenient browser extension. Type in one[…]

Getting started with Android Testing


Recently I had a few people ask me, “How do I start with testing in Android?”
As much as I wanted to say, “It depends”, I decided on a simpler answer, it was “Start with User Acceptance Testing, either with Espresso or Robotium“.

This is because UAT testing is generally easier for people to understand and because Android apps often contain much more “view logic” then business logic.


Come see us at GDG DevFest / Kuala Lumpur

As some of you know I will be speaking at GDG DevFest (KL) tomorrow. I have to admit that I am both looking forward to it and quite a lot nervous.   It has been a very long time since I done any public speaking and perhaps longer still since I have been on a[…]

Announcing Sage42’s Android View Utils

We are happy to announce the initial launch of our Android View Utils.
This library is intended to be a collection of UI elements and supporting code that ease Android UI implementation.
This is only the initial launch of the library project and we expect this will grow in the future.

This library currently includes:

  • Circular Progress Bar (Preview) – Just like a normal progress bar only in circle form. This is ideal for count down timers
  • Custom Font Enabled View Elements (Preview) – The custom font loader is complete and there is small amount of supported view elements.  (Others made as we need them or by request)
  • Scrolling (Marquee) TextView (Preview) – A custom font enabled TextView that is preconfigured to scroll or marquee the content when the size of the content exceeds the space available.


Suggestion for the organisation of Android Resources

In this post, I would like to share (what I believe to be) a simple and effective way that I use to deal with resources on my android projects.

First a disclaimer: I am not a researcher; I am not proposing this as the best or only solution to this particular problem; I am however hoping to start a discussion or at least alleviate some of the pain my fellow developers experience every day.

Second Disclaimer: I have written this post in the clearest fashion I can, so that it can be understood by more people, if you are the TL;DR type, just skip to the last section called “The Solution”